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About The Media Girl Network

We were created by the developers of the New York City Podcast Network and Latest Podcast Episodes. As a vision of Megan Hope, she wanted to put together the largest network of female podcasters in the world and she has succeeded with the Media Girl Network. With over 100 female-hosted podcasts, we prove that there is no shortage of amazing female podcasters out there and they are all right here on our podcast network.

Who is Megan Hope, Founder?

Megan Hope is an artist, story editor, writer, and producer with experience in magazines, newspapers, television, and film. She has a master’s degree from the prestigious Newhouse School of Communication in television, radio and film. Her range of strategic planning and development skills has made her a successful manager, producer, and artist in entertainment, print, and traditional network news formats as well as television and movie production.

Megan has earned a reputation for helping to produce shows for television and film, syndication, and cable, helping them evolve. Working for respected companies such as Paramount/Viacom, Sesame Workshop, Conde Nast, and Penthouse Media, she has produced impactful stories and creative forms of multiple media. She has mentored and worked with teams of producers and reporters at all levels.

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We welcome all female-hosted podcasts and female podcasters. At this moment, podcasts are being added through the New York City Podcast Network. Click here to sign up your podccast for free